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May Robinson [userpic]

Enough already, 2016!

January 18th, 2016 (06:48 pm)

where i am: Hanging with Dorie
how i am: sad
accompanied by: Seven Bridges Road (Eagles Live)

I was greatly saddened by David Bowie's passing and tears sprang up when I heard about the loss of the equally brilliant Alan Rickman. But losing Glenn Frey? That's felt deeply, deeply personally and I feel like raging out loud. I knew he was sick but...

Just yesterday I was sorting through older papers and found these from the summer of 2010:

I didn't even consider throwing them out -- the memory of this evening (worth every outlandish dime) is one of my alltime greatest memories in life, even poignant because it took place just a few months before real life started going askew and still hasn't righted itself. With Glenn's passing, it feels like it never will. It'll neve rbe the same, that's for damn sure.

My deepest sympathy to his family, friends and fellow fans. What a sad day for music.

May Robinson [userpic]

A holiday hello (and a sad goodbye)

December 26th, 2015 (01:22 pm)

where i am: home, with kids playing hockey outside
how i am: crushed
accompanied by: Tumble snoring

It's hard to believe a year has gone by since I've posted here. LJ's so much quieter than it used to be but I can't complain. I'm guilty of the same. I'm really not hanging out anywhere else -- I'm not on Twitter or Tumblr and still haven't joined Facebook though I think I might finally cave and do so in the coming months. We'll see.

I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas has had a happy one, or still will if you're in the midst of travelling to or hosting various family gatherings. We're heading out tomorrow for the hubby's family get-together. We spent yesterday with my family at my nephew's place about an hour away. His little boy Isaac is 3 1/2 now and they had a baby girl, Alana, in February so this was her first Christmas. Like her brother, she's adorable -- very different personalities already. Soooo cute. My sister is so thrilled to have a granddaughter. She of course loves Isaac but with my nephew being an only child and her first grandchild being a boy, she's relishing in having a baby girl to gush over LOL.

Today I'm on my own -- hubs and a few friends are out today in the field with their dogs and I shouldn't see him home until late afternoon. I've been desperate for this day to come. I've been in need of alone-time. That's where the goodbye comes. I needed time alone to grieve.

We lost Cannon to cancer 10 days ago. He was only 5. It was completely unexpected and I wasn't there to say goodbye and I've been dying inside but too damn busy with life and work to fall apart. Today I can. I am.
More on what happened...Collapse )

May Robinson [userpic]

Seven Brides promo photo - Roger Wilson as Daniel McFadden

December 26th, 2014 (09:20 am)

where i am: hanging with Tumble
how i am: tired
accompanied by: near silence

Happy Boxing Day to those who celebrate and the few flisters that are still kicking around. I hope everyone is well and that 2015 will be a good (better!) year for us all.

There's a reason I'm uploading this otherwise seemingly random photo. It's in anticipation of "referencing" it in an upcoming chapter of my current 7B47B fic which at present I'm only posting to fanfiction.net. Once it is completed at some point in 2015 (I hope!), I'll include a link to the story here on my lj.

In the meantime, enjoy the pretty... Roger Wilson's CBS promo photo @ 1982 for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers...

Click for Roger as Daniel McFaddenCollapse )

May Robinson [userpic]

Fic: Surfacing

June 23rd, 2014 (11:20 am)
where i am: hanging with Tumble
how i am: accomplished
accompanied by: blissful silence

Hi, guys... assuming anybody is even still out there! I've been off work this week on a stay-cation, its sole purpose being for me to work on a fic. I started another novel-sized Seven Bride for Seven Brothers story some time ago but, due to RL, I've given up even trying to work on it during the week. With weekends being the only option, the progress has been slow going. This week off definitely helped.

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