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May Robinson [userpic]

Fic Rec: Your One True Love

June 14th, 2008 (10:09 am)

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John girls... 

Go read Carol's Your One True Love


It's exquisite. 

Though this isn't what you'd call a traditional Father's Day fic, I can't imagine recommending a better one to honor the memory of the complicated man and father that was John Winchester.

When I wrote All Told and included within it a little back-story about John giving Dean the Impala, the John-girl in me truly wanted to flesh out that scene. However, the story didn't call for it since it was told from Bobby's POV and so the indepth scene, as I envisioned it, was never written.

And now certainly doesn't need to be.

By pure coincidence and a classic case of great minds, Carol has written her version of the story in a way that falls so near to my own vision of how it would have played out that I couldn't imagine doing it better justice in a million years. In both cases, our fics tell the tale of a father's fierce love for his son(s) and pay tribute to the man despite his many faults. 

Happy Father's Day, John.