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May Robinson [userpic]

Something today's birthday boy would appreciate...

January 24th, 2009 (08:25 pm)

where i am: with Dempsey & Flurry
how i am: exhausted
accompanied by: Hubby's TV chatter

I'm just exhausted, having spent the day with a real estate agent scoping out potential new homes for my dad. Dad lives about 2.5 hours north of us and has decided he wants to move closer to me, as well as his only grandchild (my nephew), who's about an additional 45 minutes away. Wanting to save the 80 year old much of the legwork, his agent and I spent the day on reconnaissance, whittling down the prospects so that he'll only have about a half dozen places to look at.

In the end I think I looked at 12 different units in 6 different buildings in 2 different cities ~ all apartment type condos and, with the exception of 4 units, all worth while looking at.

Only one gave me a SPN moment though...

Can you say classic car buff? With a penchant for muscle cars?

Not convinced yet?

How about this...

Oh. My. God!

LOL, the scary part is, this is actually a really lovely unit too. Check out this angle...

The view is of a protected conservation area and, since Dad is still very mobile, he and his dog would have wonderful trails and places to walk. Do I really want him living right smack dab in my city though? Oh, well... que sera, sera.

So, do you think Dean would appreciate this guy's taste in decor or would it be too much, even for Dean?


ETA: screen cap credit goes to oxoniensis

I'm so very, very glad Kripke gave you another one *G*


Posted by: May Robinson (may7fic)
Posted at: January 25th, 2009 02:06 pm (UTC)

I'm guessing, from what I can make out in the picture and from the over all collection, these cars are both Chryslers. Despite the Chevy and Pontiac parts, pix, and models I saw in the collection, I'm betting that over all this guy could be called a Mopar enthusiast more than anything. I'm thinking the car closest to the glass case is a Charger or Challenger and the one further out might be an older Charger. It gives me an R/T feel anyway (though there's something niggling in my mind saying I'm wrong and that it's a Chevy).

Where's my sister's ex-fiancee who taught me my love of muscle cars (30+ years ago) when I need him?!

Or Dean or John Winchester? Either of them would do in a pinch *G*