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May Robinson [userpic]

What I did on my summer vacation (Addendum to VanCon Report Part 1)

September 10th, 2009 (09:56 am)

where i am: At work. Shhhh!
how i am: annoyed
accompanied by: the whir of our big ass printer

%$@#&* Godforsaken lj!  I swear to you - on the Book of Winchester no less - that the following paragraph and photos were included in my entry from last night.  But apparently %$@#&* lj must have eaten them just before I uploaded!

So, knowing in all certainty that if I tried to edit that entry now and dared attempt to insert both text and pictures into my lj cut, it would only end in disaster. Hence my posting of this little addendum here. Just pretend you're reading this immediately following my photos of Stanley Park and before L and I drove to her place, okay?


Afterward, we hopped into L's old Cherokee and headed to equally scenic Horseshoe Bay for a lovely lunch along the bay. The community has nifty shops we wandered through and, watching the huge ferries make their way to and from the docks was a pretty remarkable site.

One of the newer ferries at the terminal.

The building in the background is the restaurant where we had lunch. Though my flight was smooth, I still felt kind of parched from the recycled air so all I had was a chicken caesar salad but boy! was it good :).

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