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May Robinson [userpic]

VanCon 2010 - My report, part one (Friday)

September 6th, 2010 (05:34 pm)

where i am: still at home
how i am: cheerful
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Friday's Report

It was great not having to feel rushed Friday, especially having stayed up late the night before. Katherine Boecher started off the guest panels with a bang. Who'd a thunk she'd be so damn fun? For such a tiny thing, she's big on personality – playful and sultry and I definitely am a fan.

There was a bit of a break between panels and, IIRC, nonnie and I went out for a quick lunch and on our way back to the theater, Matt Cohen was walking with his handler in our direction. nonnie was talking and didn't notice him until he was practically on top of us (don't I wish!) but she sure noticed him when he smiled big, gave her major eye contact and said "Hi"! Guh, is he gorgeous!!!  I was so happy I'd purchased a photo op with him. His eyes are stunning, his smile is knee-melting, and his arms – especially in that black t-shirt! – are to die for! His panel was up next and to say I became totally smitten... by his genuine charm, along with those previously mentioned assets, would be an understatement. He seems like such a sweetheart and the fact that he fanboys Jeffrey Dean Morgan just adds to Matt's appeal. Just thinking about his panel Friday (and Saturday's) makes me grin, as does thinking about the photo op with him.

nonniemous  joined me for the photo op with Matt and he was even more gorgeous up close and personal than he was on stage. I still can't get over those arms LOL. It was my first photo op of the weekend and I'm afraid I don't remember much about it, other than remembering his dazzling smile and the genuine warmth he gives off. I am such a fan of this pretty, pretty man! Thanks for joining me, nonnie! I've cropped nonniemous  out of the scan below because my scan sucked (one I did myself, not purchased) and there's a huge smudge on my boob LOL so I created this close-up instead.

Contrary to my comments on the Friday, nonnie, I'm actually really quite pleased with how it came out ;). I was oddly too shiny for the bright lights this weekend but, c'est la vie.

Next up was Aldis Hodge and, just like last year, he was a huge hit with the audience. After watching him on stage in '09, once home I purchased season 1 of Leverage and just love the show and him in it. Thanks to time flying and being a procrastinator, I haven't picked up season 2 yet but will order it very, very soon. Seeing Aldis again reminded me of just how much I love to watch him.

Last year I hit my con/hotel threshold at one point and escaped the theater for a while, ultimately missing Richard Speight, Jr's panel and regretting it as soon as I heard how much of a hit he was. This year I made sure I was there for it and, OMG, is he hilarious! He has so much energy and exudes so much fun, he really seems like a joy to be around. Oh, and kudos to deangirl1  for keeping up with him while doing the camera work for Creation. He was like a jumping bean and you rocked the camera, babe ;). One thing I especially loved about Richard's panel was its perfect harmony between hysterical and enlightening. I walked away from it learning something about his craft and its process and still wore a huge grin on my face. Richard's panel was definitely one of the highlights of the con for me. I have no idea why I didn't think to get a photo op with him?? Idjit!

Jason Manns was up next and the only person I asked a question of. I asked him the same question as Steve Carlson last year and that was to name a handful of albums he couldn't do without. He didn't name specific albums but rather recording artists and unfortunately I can't recall all his answers but he did say Sam Cooke and Ray Lamontagne and he mentioned another artist whose name escapes me now but I recall from a few years ago being on Jensen's iPod when asked what he listens to. Alas, I'm having a senior moment *g* and that's all I can remember. Jason is such a sweetheart but I'll comment more on him when I write about his concert/autograph session.

For autographs, I had Katherine and Matt sign my s4 DVD packaging and Richard sign the same for s2. Had Aldis' autograph been part of the silver package I would've brought my Leverage DVD's for him to sign but, since I already had his signature from last year, I cheaped out and didn't buy his autograph. Katherine was gracious at signing time, Richard was funny and charming, and Matt was sweet, adorable and freaking gorgeous. Man, his eyes and smile sparkle! 

Before Jason came on stage for his concert, Fred Lehne and Richard came on stage and sang and played guitar to Sympathy for the Devil.  Their performance was really comical but also actually quite good and, despite Richard's comments to the contrary during his earlier panel, he really can sing.

Not as well as Jason can though. Siiiiiigh. He sings like a bird! This was the first time I'd ever heard him sing live and it was truly a treat. I love a man who plays guitar and he sang and played just beautifully. His first CD is always in the player in my Envoy and so it was fun butchering singing along with damn near every song he performed. There was one adorable moment when he introduced "Visions" as the song that Dean hates and Sam loves, which of course got a charge out of all of us. Sadly, one of the audience members collapsed during his concert so there was some tense drama going on that shocked and affected everybody, no more so than poor Jason who, wonderful showman that he is, continued performing a few numbers from his set after the woman was taken away by EMTs. Last I heard she was heading home by train with a friend after being released from hospital. I haven't heard anything since then so I hope all is all right.

I bought Jason's latest CD during his concert but had already decided I'd get him to sign his first CD, the one I bought from him in Dallas during my trip to see Jensen on stage in A Few Good Men. I told him that too and was delighted to read the "May, good to see ya again!" accompanying his signature. He's just a doll and a damn fine looking young man too. I know the fan collapsing in front of him must've shot the hell out of his night but he held up wonderfully and was gracious and kind to everyone I saw him sign for.

Even though the idea of karaoke makes me cringe, I'd decided to stick around to see what all went on and, as it turns out, was still in line awaiting Jason's autograph when the partying began. Inchains stayed with me and, OMG, I'm so glad we stuck it out! Katherine, Richard, Aldis, and Matt all participated and they were freaking hilarious! Seriously, if you can track down any illegal video of them doing karaoke, DO IT! I've never been a fan of "Love Shack" but will always think of it fondly now… Richard just nailed it. Inchains and I were so buzzed from the laughter and sheer glee of each performance, it's a wonder we were able to fall asleep afterward. As it was, we didn't settle into our beds until about 2:00am. For a day where I never really felt horribly pressed for time, it sure was jam packed full. I had an absolutely phenomenally fun day though. Who needs sleep anyway?

(or click here for Saturday's report)


Posted by: morganslady (morganslady)
Posted at: September 6th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)

Great recap. I know isn't Matt a hottie!!I tried to click for Saturday's report but notheing happened:(

Posted by: May Robinson (may7fic)
Posted at: September 6th, 2010 10:32 pm (UTC)
Matt VanCon 2010

I tried to click for Saturday's report but nothing happened:(

It'll be up shortly!