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May Robinson [userpic]

Fic: Growing Pains

October 27th, 2013 (12:30 pm)

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In the spirit of posting more to my lj and not only when it's bad news, I'd planned on posting another of my Seven Brides for Seven Brothers fics here. But, lj is giving me fits and the formatting is giving me grief so, for now, I'm just going to post some links. It's pre-series and focuses on my 3 favorite McFadden brothers: Daniel (played by Roger Wilson); Adam (Richard Dean Anderson) and; Crane (Peter Horton). It's self-indulgent angst and fluff but was received well elsewhere so it's about time I at least acknowledged its existence here. It resides at AO3 and The Pit so I'll include those links here in case you'd like to check it out:

Growing Pains
by May Robinson

Summary: Pre-series. Adam understands that teenage rebellion goes hand in hand with the hormonal changes of puberty but, when one of his teenage brothers loses his lifeline, Adam has to muster every ounce of patience he has to help him through it. Adam, Daniel and Crane. There be angst here.
Rating: Gen, PG-13
Wordcount: Approx. 11,500
Warnings: Sap and its sidekick schmoop
Notes: Thanks, Katt

At AO3
At Fanfiction.net

I'm really pleased to say that I got myself a little fanfic fandom started for this show. Just over 2 years ago, my first 7B47B story was the first one uploaded to fanfiction.net. About 6 months later, there were a handful of us and about a dozen stories. Now, we have over 80 stories and I've stopped counting the number of authors. Since the last few years have been pretty crappy in RL, this has definitely been a bright spot and very cathartic ;).

I also want to pass on that I have a new source for the DVDs and most of the episodes are a bit better quality than the ioffer ones I first bought/mentioned. Just drop me a PM if you're interested in details about obtaining a set.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend :)


Posted by: morganslady (morganslady)
Posted at: October 27th, 2013 05:25 pm (UTC)

Thanks great story left fb at fanfiction.net

Posted by: May Robinson (may7fic)
Posted at: October 27th, 2013 05:36 pm (UTC)
GIF John Smiling (DMB)

Bless your heart, hon. If you ever feel like marathon reading 7B fic, I'd be happy to give you some recs ;)