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May Robinson [userpic]

Fic: Family, Faith & Certitude (ch 2 of 7)

November 17th, 2007 (07:40 am)
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how i am: creative
accompanied by: Bread, Lost Without Your Love

Summary: Bobby POV. Dean gets whomped, Sammy gets protective, John gets bad-ass and Bobby gets a shot at setting something right. Hurt/comfort, angst in spades. Chapter 2 of 7 in total.
Rating: PG13, T (harsh language)
Wordcount: approx. 12,000
Pairing/Characters: Genfic, no pairings. Bobby Singer, Dean, Sam & John Winchester
Spoilers: Minor, none beyond 2.22
Disclaimers: See my profile page
A/N: See Chapter 1 for author's notes   
Family, Faith & Certitude
by May Robinson
No sooner had John uttered his faith in Sam than a commotion broke out in the next room. Gasps and even a few screams echoed from within, none nearly as alarming as Sam's shout of, "Dean, look-out!"
"What the--?"
Neither of them sparing a moment's glance at each other, John and Bobby were both in motion, John slightly in the lead as they ran into the pool room. Only stopping to take in the scene before them when they heard Dean's irritated and somewhat bewildered voice.
"Dude, what the fuck?"
Dean was backed up against one of the pool tables, Sam in front of him and slightly to his right, facing the crowd. The younger boy's stance was clearly protective, though thankfully Dean didn't look too worse for wear. Disheveled and maybe a little stunned, Dean stood staring at his hand, presumably at the blood staining it as he wiped it away from his lip. Split apparently courtesy of the guy presently being held back by two more of Brogan's patrons.
"All right, what the hell is going on?" Despite his previous thoughts to the contrary, there were times, Bobby had to concede, when having John Winchester, USMC, at your side, came in mighty handy. Despite the chaos of just moment's earlier, Bobby was convinced he could have heard a pin drop in the joint once John had spoken. Maybe even its echo.
And then Sam broke the silence.
Apparently seeing that reinforcements had arrived, Sam broke from his self-appointed post next to Dean, nearly slamming into John in his rush to answer first. "Dean was making a shot and then this guy just jumped him." Whirling to face Dean's supposed attacker, Bobby was able to grab Sam around the waist as the irate not-so-little shit lost it and flew at the man. Writhing and kicking in Bobby's hold, he began to shout, the higher pitch revealing both his frustration and his youth. "He didn't do anything. Why would you do that? Why?"
"Stand down, Sammy." Surprisingly, the order came from Dean.
"But you didn't--"
"Dean?" John's question cut off any further protest from his youngest and the boy deflated in Bobby's hold. Thankfully. He wasn't sure how much longer he could have hung on to the wiry thing. Loosening his grip, he still kept an arm snug around Sam. The kid might be all-too-familiar with violence of the supernatural kind but clearly he was struggling with the concept of the human variety.
Straightening his shoulders and taking one more swipe at his still bleeding lip, Dean shook off his earlier daze and addressed his father with clear eyes. "It's like Sammy says, Dad," he shrugged. "I was taking a shot. . . Didn't see him coming."
Murmurs of assent echoed amongst the gathered onlookers so, not at all surprisingly, John made a beeline directly to the guy still being held onto by two others. Bobby noted that he appeared to be around his mid forties, about the same height as John or Dean. Relatively fit but not in their league, wearing jeans and a Twins jersey. He didn't look like much of a threat to John but Bobby didn't like the smug air he wore or the lack of fear in his eyes when John approached. At least he'd had the good sense to keep his yap shut while both Winchester boys had told their tales.
John never blinked as he advanced, moving right into Minnesota's personal space until stopping and then simply staring at him. Bobby had to give the guy credit. . . he held John's gaze for a few heartbeats before wisely finding the floor more to his liking.
Still in his face, John spoke quietly. Deadly. "You in the habit of jumping unsuspecting kids?" Bobby'd heard John use that low voice a few times in the past. Compared it then to the throaty growl his Rotties would make when they were lining up a potential threat. Couldn't really argue that comparison this time either.
Minnesota wouldn't look at John. It wasn't as though his cowardice was in question though, given his method of attack on Dean. But Bobby knew John wouldn't let up unless he had some answers. "You want to explain why you just attacked my son?"
Much to Bobby's astonishment and the amaze of the gathered crowd, Minnesota actually raised his eyes to meet John's, and Bobby saw a glint of something decidedly maniacal, or maybe even suicidal flickering there. "The cocky little fucker had it coming."
"Jesus, Dan. Shut the fuck up!"
"You asshole!"
"Easy, Sam, easy!" The room had broken out into an uproar as Dean finally lost his cool, the men holding Minnesota -- or rather Dan, apparently -- grappled to keep him in line, and Bobby tried to settle down the teenage whirlwind in his grasp.
His own task accomplished with hopefully only a few Sammy inflicted elbow-shaped bruises to his ribs, Bobby looked up to see Dean standing about an arm's length away from his dad. His father's arm's length in fact, seeing as the palm of John's left hand was flattened against the kid's chest. Dean looked fairly calm though, as did his dad, belying the fact that John's right hand had a fist full of Twins jersey gathered up beneath the idiot's throat.
Still reeling over the suicidal nerve of this Dan jerk, but taking advantage of the present lull, Bobby threw out a question over his shoulder he'd been dying to ask. "Who the hell is this guy? What's his story?"
"Dan Halpern," one of the locals supplied.
Another of the regulars eagerly picked up the tale. None too quietly, much to Bobby's chagrin. "Yeah. His wife left him for their daughter's ex-boyfriend about a week ago. Took off to Chicago."
Well, shit.
"Shut the fuck up, Ben." That was from Halpern, though anything else he intended to say was cut off, along with his air supply no doubt, by the ever-tightening hold John had on the man.
"This true? Is this your excuse?" If anything, Winchester sounded more dangerous, his face finally revealing an emotion. Disgust.
"Pretty boy little mother-fuckers." Halpern practically spat the words. Either he had no brains or a death wish. "They're all the same."
Both, apparently.
John gave the fist-full of jersey a shake. "You calling into question how my boy was raised, now?" His own astonishment at the man's cluelessness breaking through his voice before it settled on flat and steely once again. "You really want a piece of me, don't you?"
"Dad, don't." Bobby'd been wondering when Dean would speak up again. "It's all right, I can take him." The kid sounded confident, calm. Almost bored. Chip off the old block.
Loosening his grip on Halpern, though not letting go entirely, John turned his attention to his son, letting his palm fall from Dean's chest. "You sure about this? I need you in one piece."
If Bobby hadn't been paying close attention, he might've been driven to punch John Winchester himself. The man's questions seemingly stated as though coming from ex-Marine John. A commander coldly asking if his soldier was up for the task. Concern for their upcoming hunt a higher priority than concern for Dean.
But that wasn't the case at all. Though still fairly flat, John's tone had softened a touch and the body language between both Winchesters was definitely not that of commander and soldier. Though Bobby could no longer see John's face, John's head was canted to the side, as though curious, and Dean's posture was completely at ease. Had been since the moment his dad had let him go, truthfully. It was Dean's face though that told Bobby what was going on between father and son. The kid's head had dipped at John's question, came back up as John had said, 'I need you in one piece'. Bobby couldn't help but smile as he witnessed the blush of warmth spread along Dean's cheekbones as he mirrored his dad's head tilt, clearly fighting the grin that wanted to break free. The kid shook it off though, straightened, as did his dad, then looked at John head on and answered coolly, "Oh yeah, I'm sure."
"All right, then." Despite John's quiet response, the masses understandably got noisy again. Bobby probably should have wondered why this man's word, hell, his presence, seemed to dictate what was about to happen. Should have, but didn't. After all, he'd known John nearly fifteen years.   
"Not unless you take it outside, boys." Bobby couldn't blame the management. So far, the pub had remained intact this night.
"Yes!" Sam was definitely as pumped as the throng beginning to vacate the place and Bobby released his grip on the boy. Watching in amusement as images of Spike the Bulldog and Chester the little whatever -- terrier, probably -- sprung to his mind, Sam was damn near bouncing around Dean and their dad as the older man ushered the kid under his arm out of the building into the brightly lit parking lot.
Bobby just hoped like hell that Dan Halpern was well and truly a pussy-cat and not an escaped blank panther in disguise.
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Posted by: ladymirth (ladymirth)
Posted at: November 18th, 2007 12:41 am (UTC)

OMG! You have me completely hooked. Somehow, I think the Winchesters are going to find something more than what they bargained for.Please update soon!

Posted by: May Robinson (may7fic)
Posted at: November 18th, 2007 12:45 am (UTC)
Burgundy Dean

Hi, I'm so glad you're enjoying this! The whole story is up now, just follow the chapter links at the bottom of each part and you should be able to make it through to the end.

I hope the ending doesn't disappoint.

Thanks for reading and for taking the time to send feedback.

Posted by: nonniemous (ex_nonniemou154)
Posted at: November 18th, 2007 05:39 am (UTC)

I'd like to have John in my corner, too! *g* Badass, marine John. Oh, yeah... And the interplay between Dean and John is wonderful.

Posted by: May Robinson (may7fic)
Posted at: November 18th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)

Thanks! He's definitely a presence *and* a threat. But he loves his kids. Glad you enjoyed the scene between Dean & John here. To be honest, it's one that I'm not as happy with, simply because it's one I'd rather see in Dean's or John's POV but it pleases me that you enjoyed it. Thanks again!

Posted by: alleysweeper (alleysweeper)
Posted at: November 28th, 2007 07:58 am (UTC)

He sucker-punched him! Bastard! Go get 'em Sammy! hehe

OMFG! He did not just call him that! Out of the way, John. Dean can handle this guy.

Oh, God! I just know something will go wrong here!


Posted by: May Robinson (may7fic)
Posted at: November 28th, 2007 11:52 pm (UTC)
Mumpy Icon-legs

LOL, well you were certainly right! Thanks for commenting on each chapter - it goes well beyond the call of duty but is very much appreciated ;).