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May Robinson
2 November
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I've been writing fanfic since 1999. I had no idea it existed until discovering the world of fandom through the shortlived but wonderful western TV-series, "The Magnificent Seven". Through this series, I learned that I could actually write in a manner that seemed to please fic-readers (and myself) and developed a passion for getting a character "just right". As importantly, I've made some incredible, long-lasting friendships with people I would never have met otherwise.

I don't watch a lot of TV but definitely get a tad obsessive over the shows I do watch. Writing fic has become a natural extension of this. Especially when the likes of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are heaven sent cast in a show to provide such wonderful inspiration as Dean, Sam and John Winchester. "Supernatural" definitely has me hooked and this is where you'll find my stories.

Heaven sent? Absolutely!

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I can't deny that Dean is my favorite Winchester though. And it's all because of the stellar acting talents, charisma and the gobsmackingly stunning looks of this man:

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And here he is, playing Dean...

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The man needs no words to convey Dean's many layers. His face and those eyes speak volumes. As do Jensen's...

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My fic collection isn't truly vast and you won't find any true works-in-progress on the web. I'll only start to post here when the final chapter is written, if not betaed. My Mag7 stories are archived elsewhere but linked here (see "My Other Fandoms" under my fic links, top right of my lj). My one and only Lancer fic (co-written with PenKatt) can also be found there. My Supernatural stories are hosted here of course, as are those from my latest foray in fanfic, the 1982/1983 Richard Dean Anderson series, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers aka 7B47B.

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The lovely cast of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

What you won't find are stories containing MarySues, long-lost sisters, slash, or the boys as parents and/or married (unless dictated by canon, as in 7B47B's Hannah & Adam). Along with writing within the actual series timeline, you will see pre-series and possibly slightly future fics posted here. Slight A/Us are also a possibility though I have none planned at the moment.

Thanks for reading - feedback is definitely appreciated!

Standard disclaimer: The following works are fanfiction based on the CW television series, Supernatural & MGM/UA Television's Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. They are in no way intended to infringe on the copyrights of the CW, Kripke Enterprises, David Gerber Productions, or anyone else who may have legal rights to the characters and settings. I don't claim ownership of the characters. These stories are strictly for entertainment. No monetary gain will be made from them.

Recent FanFic Honors

Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards, November 2015
Winner Best Pre-series Novella/Novel (12000+ words): Armistice

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Round 17, Sensue Supernatural Fanfiction Awards, June 2009
Best Daytime TV Award (episode related): Heavenly Fathers

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Round 12, Supernatural Fanfiction Awards, March 2008
Runner-up Best Story & Best Chick Flick Moment: All Told
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Best Gen Story 2009 Nominee (Magnificent Seven): Tricks of the Trade (co-authored with SueM)
Best Gen Hurt/Comfort Story 2009 Nominee (Magnificent Seven): Testimony
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Mortifyingly Ancient Fanfic Honors (Magnificent Seven)
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Best Episode Tag: Redemption (Achilles & Lady Killers)
3 Awards, including Most Heartwarming Fic: He Ain't Heavy
6 Awards, including Best Overall Fic: Deceived
5 Awards, including Best Overall Fic: Testimony
Best Episode Tag: Parallels (Lady Killers)
Best Challenge Story: Windows of the Soul
7 Awards, including Most Original Fic: As Time Goes By (co-authored with PenKatt)

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